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I was very active in the costuming scene in the early and mid 2000's, but now I mostly just do commissions and keep up with friends without going to conventions or events.

I have a degree in English Literature that I don't use, except in the ways that it made me a better person. I try to hold on to the magical academic world from college but it feels further away every year. I'm in love with London, having spent a semester studying there, and hope to spent a great deal of time there in my retirement days.

Currently, I live with my husband and cats in Michigan. He's a network engineer and I sew commissions full time. I enjoy board games, pizza rolls, old video games, and Netflixing/audiobooking while I sew. I'm always up to some new crazy entrepreneurial idea that I waste time and money on until getting bored with it. But ONE OF THESE DAYS~ :D