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29 April 2029 @ 01:01 am

This journal is getting to the point where most of my entries are friends only, for various reasons. Please comment and I will add you. No worries, I add everyone. The more the merrier! xD

05 July 2016 @ 01:00 pm

Hey, I have some great news for you all - this entry isn't going to be a laundry list of money miletones and sewing accomplishments!  Yay!

My parents came to visit in June. I have been meaning to make this entry for a while.  We spent a few days working in my garden, but I'm going to save that for another post.

We also drove to Niagara Falls (only about 4 hours from my house in MI if you take the shortcut through Canada) and spent a few days enjoying the tourist traps there, eating and wandering around.  None of us had ever been before and it was a good time, though I'm not sure I'd recommend it to others.  The most interesting part to me was comparing the Canadian side to the US side.  The Canadian side had a lot of clean nice hotels, beautiful waterfront, nice restaurants,  beautiful landscaping, helpful people, great transportation system, etc.  The US side was a dirty aging National Park with sullen teenagers working the ticket stands and planters full of weeds.  It was kind of shocking to be confronted with US vs. Canada that starkly.  Very interesting to have such a natural wonder of the world on a country border like that.

Pictures, assuming I did the cut right.Collapse )

That's about it; I didn't take many pictures.  (I didn't take any, actually, these are all Jason's or my parents.)

Hopefully I'll make a big post about the garden, soon, though I'm missing 'before' pictures so it's hard to give you an idea of how much we really accomplished.  Some exciting things are happening, not just 'coming soon' but actually happening, whoo!  I need to catch up on these little vacation posts so I can get back to that.

I can't even tell you how nice it is to have something to post about other than money and tears.  Thanks so much for hanging in there with me during those tough couple of years.  Barring some new disaster we are pretty much out of the woods.  Strawberry salads, garden plants, fun fabrics, very small weekend trips, and steam games are all back in the budget, and life is much more fulfilling as a result. <3

23 April 2010 @ 03:48 pm
LJ rename - After much whining that 'tavariel' was taken, I came up with 'tavariel instead.

I am in the process of renaming all my accounts to tavariel instead of amaryllis. Easier to say and spell, hopefully. So don't unfriend me...I'm just 'ladyamaryllis.' :)
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13 January 2010 @ 12:48 am

I am not a person who complains; bad service, bad product, waiting in line forever - not a problem. I understand that there are usually things going on behind the scenes that explain poor decisions and performance. I have not felt the need to express my distaste for a company before.

That said, I am very upset and disappointed with the decisions your network has made regarding the Tonight Show. The decision to put Jay Leno on during the local news slot was foolish from the start. How did your analysts not catch the huge gaping error there?

That was a bad enough, but what you decided to do next was absolutely terrible. Conan has been in his new slot LESS THAN A YEAR, yet you have decided it isn't working. How can you consider him a failure already? You let him go on with bad ratings for years and years as host of 'Late Night', yet leave him no time to adjust for 'Tonight.'

It's not just Conan who is hurt, of course; it's his entire staff, crew, and writers, each of whom put their trust in you and moved across the country in the good faith that NBC would provide for them.

More than that, you are disrespecting and disrupting the legacy of "The Tonight Show"; a flagship of television that has been pleasing audiences for more than 60 years.

I understand that you have to make financial decisions for your company, but this is far too cold-hearted and abrupt for your audience to forgive. I find your behavior disgusting. Please consider the serious damage this move has on your image in the eyes of your audience. Give Conan, his staff, and his crew more time.

I can assure you that my family and I will stick with David Letterman from now on. Conan was my favorite thing on NBC. The Office and 30 Rock are both flagging and there is nothing else I am interested in on your network. I will certainly not give any of your new shows a try.

My viewership is only a very small part of the losses you will experience as a result of this decision. Please reverse your stance and issue a hell of an apology to all parties involved.


26 September 2007 @ 08:16 pm
Public to honor Robert Jordan.

I just discovered today that Robert Jordan, the author of the The Wheel of Time series, has died. Apparently he died on Sunday, September 16. I can't believe I didn't hear it in the news or anything. http://www.dragonmount.com/RobertJordan/

I began reading Wheel of Time in junior high when my friend Camellia recommended them to me. I had not enjoyed any fantasy books other than Lord of the Rings because I found them mostly predictable and uninteresting. This series was different. I was immediately hooked.

Wheel of Time is SPRAWLING. To date, there are eleven 1000+ page books written, plus a prequel. That's a lot to discuss! Camellia and talked theories all the time, much like everyone did/does with Harry Potter. Is Rand really the Dragon Reborn? What is Moiraine hiding? Why does Perrin love Faile when she's so annoying? This wonderful series was also one of the things that led me to my first boyfriend - he read the books too and we spent many a lunch at the picnic tables by the C building talking about Robert Jordan's rich world. Recently, I introduced my brother to the books. He's only made it to book six so far. They take years to read.

I don't know what will happen to the series now that he is gone. His family says he has told them the major plot points and they will attempt to finish it for him, but I can't imagine it will be the same. I feel bad for all of the times I criticized him for taking so long with Book Twelve. I didn't realize he was having such serious health problems. I feel even worse that I didn't go to his panel at Comic-Con 2006. It was an inconvenient day for me and I just figured I would catch him another year. I'm deeply saddened by this great loss - for myself, for his family and friends, and for the literary world.

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and go.
What was, what will be, and what is,
may yet fall under the Shadow.
Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.
29 May 2007 @ 01:10 am
Public for friends and family who are not on Live Journal.

Celebration IV Report
Warning: Image Heavy



This was the best convention I've ever attended, by FAR. Seriously. It blew any other convention completely out of the water. Thank you to everyone I spent time with during that fantastic weekend!
09 December 2006 @ 01:01 pm
Public for friends and family who are not on Live Journal.

The Adventures of Mace and Courtney
Farewell Style

Warning: Image Heavy

Here we go, one last time!Collapse )


WHEW! That's it for my adventures! I still have pictures from Christie's camera that I haven't uploaded to Photobucket, so you may get one more small update. I leave tomorrow morning.

Thank you everyone so much for your letters, comments, AIM conversations, e-mails and everything. A lot of my friends have gotten desperately homesick, but I think my love for the Internet really saved me. When I started missing everyone, I just came down here and there you were. Thank you all for helping me out and keeping me safe and happy on this trip <3 See you all soon! I come to California December 18th!
10 November 2006 @ 08:09 am
Public for friends and family who are not on Live Journal.

The Adventures of Mace and Courtney
England/Venice Style

Warning: Image Heavy

Here we go again!Collapse )


WHEW! That concludes this third update. Way too many pictures! I'll try not to get behind like that again. Thank you for reading, and see you all soon!
07 October 2006 @ 11:35 pm
Public for friends and family who are not on Live Journal.

The Adventures of Mace and Courtney
England Style

Warning: Image Heavy

Here we go again!Collapse )


That concludes this second update! I'm sorry it isn't as fabulous as the first, but honestly, I haven't been doing as much! That's all for now, folks, because I'm really exhausted. I hope everyone is well, thank you for reading!
08 September 2006 @ 09:43 am

lawlz i pwn ur friends page

Public entry for my parents, again.

I was on Live Journal in the US, in Michigan, actually, and someone posted in my Snape Daily community that Alan Rickman was making a semi-rare public appearance at the Every Man Theater in London on September 5. He made a movie called Snowcake, somewhat of an art film, that they are having trouble selling to distributors. So they decided to do a charity showing at the Every Man, where people would pay (quite a lot) to come see it, and the the producer, director, and star (Alan Rickman) would do a question-and-answer panel afterwards.

Since that date was during my then-upcoming study abroad semester in London, I reserved my tickets immediately!  However, I got a call in the middle of the night the next day telling me that the tickets were already sold out. I was terribly bummed, but decided that once I was in London, I would head down there at the proper time and see what I could do.

Cut to September 5, in London. I called during the day, and they said that I should come about half an hour early to see if they had any returned tickets. I got excited and ended up leaving 4 hours early ^_^; I took the Underground up to Hampstead (about an hour ride), and on the way there realized I had forgotten my digital camera. I bought a disposable at the tube station (for 12 dollars, sniffle), and headed over to the theater.

I got there about 3 hours early, and lucky for that, because they DID have a returned ticket. One. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FRONT ROW. I almost died. Instead, I bought the ticket and walked around Hampstead until showtime.

I ate at McDonalds, took a walk in a churchyard and admired the gravestones, called Aaron Ozment, sat on a bench for awhile, went to McDonalds again, and finally it was time. Well, close enough anyway. I went back to the theater, and they led me into the "lounge". I had no idea it was such a posh theater! I was led into a dimly lit room with scattered velvet couches and gaudy armchairs. They were serving free drinks, alcoholic and non, and soft music was playing.  So fancy!  xD

After sitting for a bit, I heard some people talking at the reception desk. Then I head it...His Voice. "Thank you, I'm Alan." I risked a look, and there he was, Alan Rickman. Standing only ten feet away from me. I averted my eyes. I didn't want to be the giddy fangirl. I studied my programme with interest, probably too much interest, and strained to hear his voice again. I saw him take a peek into our room, and his eyes brush over me, but I steadfastly refused to look up and give a dopey smile. I ignored him. Eventually he left, and the other women in the room and I looked at each other and giggled with excitement.

I continued to study my programme, and apparently I looked lonely, because a group of people invited me to come over and talk to them. They turned out to be an artsy indie theater group, and they talked and talked of Little Miss Sunshine and all of the current popular art films. I didn't have anything intelligent to say, so I kept mostly quiet, unless people asked me about my "accent" (squee!), and then I was able to fancily admit that I was studying abroad. I think I pulled off the "fancy art person" pretty well. I don't think any of them guessed that I was mostly there for Alan Rickman ^_~ It was a LOT of fun to sit and talk with them. What a different kind of experience.

After that...they ushered us in! They briefly introduced Alan Rickman and company before the movie, and then they went back to their seats in the corner and we all prepared to watch Snowcake.

It was surprisingly good. I assumed that if they were having trouble selling it, it must be pretty crappy - but I was wrong! I liked it a lot, actually. It was about a man who just got out of jail (Alan Rickman), who picks up a hitchhiker, but then gets in a car accident that wasn't his fault and the hitchhiker dies. Full of guilt, he looks up her family to apologize to them, but it turns out she lives only with her mother, who is autistic and incapable of taking care of herself (Sigourney Weaver). He feels even worse, and decides to stay with the autistic woman until her parents can come (they're unreachable on vacation at the time). They all learn to enjoy the moment and to enjoy the beauty of simplicity, Alan's wounds are somewhat healed, and everybody is ready to move on with their lives. There is all sorts of metaphors about snowglobes and snow and what not...*sigh* you'd really have to see it. It was quite beautiful.

After that, the question-and-answer panel. I was sitting about five feet away from the stage with Alan Rickman on it. It was SO hard not to squeal "SNAPE! SNAPE! HARRY POTTER!" As some of you know, I seem to have "Harry Potter Turrets Syndrome", and it was difficult to restrain myself. I tried to look interested and intelligent and keep the fangirl inside. Alan's shoes were beautiful, I remember that much. And he looked nice - not all blotchy and old like the picture seems to indicate. I thought he looked pretty good.

After everything was over, people filed into the hall. I clutched my bag, with my disposable camera and the picture Brittany drew me, hoping Alan would be in the hall giving autographs. And he was! He looked clearly tired, like he wanted to go home. I felt kind of bad and fangirl-ish asking for an autograph, but...I knew I would regret it forever if I didn't. How strange that I had to ruin my 30 seconds with Alan Rickman with typical fangirl things, just to preserve the memory of the ruined moment in the future. Oh well.

He gave a little "hmm" of surprise that was SO Snape when I handed him Brittany's picture to sign. It was a recognition that I actually was a Snape fangirl and not an artsy intelligent person like everyone else who had come to see the film. I loved that sound. I felt like I had just given him a less than satisfactory potion, and he was "hmm"-ing in disapproval. It was so cool. He signed it quickly, and all my carefully constructed thoughts of beautiful intelligent things to say faded quickly. I squeaked out, "Truly Madly Deeply is one of my favorite movies, thank you so much for making it", and he may have said something, but honestly I can't really remember. I remember him handing me the drawing back, now signed, and smiling at me. I remember having the random irrational thought, "I wish he had scowled and raised his eyebrow rather than smiling."

I sat down on one of the velvet couches in the room while he was surrounded by more people. I tried to get the drawing back into it's clear pouch, but my hands were shaking so much that I found it quite difficult. I changed positions to support my arm with my leg, and then my leg started twitching. I was sweating quite a lot. It took me a full minute to get the picture back in the clear pouch and safely inserted into my folder. I didn't really care though, because that was just more time I had to be in the same room with Alan Rickman.

I suddenly remembered my camera. Shoot! Any hopes of being beautiful and mysterious would fade if I had to get back in line and ask him for something else. I was shamed, but I just NEEDED a picture. He was clearly even more tired, and wanted to leave, but I stopped him quickly and said, "I'm sorry, may I have a picture with you as well?" Again, he may have said something, but I'm not really clear on it. I handed my camera to a stranger, she snapped it quickly, and I said, "Thank you so much" to Alan, and then stepped in to another room.

Now shamed and embarrassed and fully revealed as a fangirl, I decided to make my exit, rather than standing around in the room gawking at him. I literally ran down the stairs and in to the streets. As I headed for the Underground, I no longer could restrain my Harry Potter Turrets - as soon as I knew Alan couldn't hear, I screamed "SNAPE! SNAPE! HARRY POTTER! OH MY GOSH! SNAPE!" Some strangers on the street glared and me, but I didn't even care. I started running, and ran all the way to the subway, grinning like a fool. I didn't even care. I had just met Alan Rickman, and he "hmmed" at me, and smiled at me, and let me take a picture with him.

I finally arrived home to my flat, and that was that! Alan Rickmannnnn! Woo-hoo! *dies happy*
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